Welsh translation and video production at Tantrwm

One of the big advantages we have at the Tantrwm office is that we have Welsh translation skills.

Being a bilingual company means that we can provide the majority of our services in Welsh. We’re very proud of this and it means that clients can have piece of mind that they can trust us to communicate messages in both English and Welsh.

Also, Tantrwm has plenty of experience in producing English and Welsh video. We can also design websites bilingually, or translate existing websites. 

Os hoffech ddarllen y blog yma yng Nghymraeg, cliciwch yma.

Whether its for a promotional video, marketing campaigns, signage, business cards etc, we can do it for you.

For more information on Tantrwm’s translating services or any of our services that we offer bilingually, give us a call so we can get #tantrwmcreative for you – its what keeps us Tantrwm busy bees buzzing!

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