DJI Phantom Manfrotto Backpacks

DJI Phantom Manfrotto Backpacks now at Tantrwm

DJI Phantom helicopter drones and Manfrotto equipment are synonymous with quality. For 15 years Tantrwm have been using and trying gear from all kinds of manufacturers and suppliers. We have had the high end expensive kit, the cheap Chinese imports, the home made gadgets and everything else. But time and time again it is quality and usability that defines the gear that we use.  So with great pleasure we have started to supply a range of kit to fellow film makers, schools, colleges, and others that trust our judgement and knowledge.

To kick off things we are recommending the range of Manfrotto backpacks.

There is an offer at the moment on their newly released DJ Phantom Drone backpack.

Take a look at the DJI Phantom Backpack and give Andrew a call on 01685 876700 if you are interested.

Price: £159.95 – but buy something else from us and who knows what deals we can do.

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