Brand image – choosing fonts

Choosing fonts needn't be complex!

The first step towards creating your brand is a simple one – always choose your font first and make sure that you use it for all your corporate communications then stick to it.

The key thing is to pick a font family that is clean, simple and legible. Also, make sure your font has plenty of styles, including bold, light, semi bold, italic and so on. Choosing fonts that aren’t appealing to the eye make it much more difficult to read and can easily lose the interest of potential clients!

For long passages of writing choose a body text that is clear and easy to read, and where appropriate, use either semi bold or bold versions of the same font to highlight certain words throughout that text.

Here at Tantrwm, we are all about creativity, so if you would like us to start you on your way with your brand image, please get in touch to arrange a meeting – we’ll provide excellent coffee and biscuits!

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