Don’t let yourself down with the sound

Don’t let yourself down with the sound!

The audio for your video is every bit as important as the picture. Actually scrap that. The sound is more important than the picture! People often don’t mind watching something that looks a bit rough, but bad sound will get the to turn off in an instant.  So don’t let yourself down with the sound. Here are some tips for getting good sound.

Invest in a good mic: If you’re not sure which to get, please get in touch, we can give you some advice.

Get the mic as close as possible: The closer the mic, the better the sound. If you can get it within a foot of the speaker you are onto a winner.

Choose a quiet space to film in: Your brain has evolved to filter out background noise to an extent. Microphones don’t. Be fussy about your sound. Switch off the aircon, or the fridge or whatever is making that low-level buzzing sound. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

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