Hold Your Phone the Right Way Up

Hold your phone the right way up!

The camera on your mobile phone is plenty good enough to ‘shoot‘ decent video that you can use on Facebook. Just avoid these common mistakes and shoot like a boss not a rookie.

Landscape. Not Portrait: Video should be wider than it is tall. Unless you have a good reason to do otherwise, hold your phone on it’s side when shooting video.

Shoot with plenty of light: Your phone probably sorts out its own exposure and will have a good go at getting an image even in the dimmest of light. But it will be grainy. It will look nasty. It will suck. Shoot in a nice bright room. Or if its sunny, then shoot outside.

Not right in front of a window: If you have the main source of light directly behind your subject, the camera will get all confused about how to set the exposure. You will either end up with your subject in silhouette (which is nice if you intended it, but less so if you want people to see their face) or they will have a weird halo thing going on. Both of which are generally to be avoided.

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