If Your Event can benefit Wales you may be eligible for funding

Live Streaming of events offers a lot of post-event data (such as geolocation of viewers) which can be easily used for your marketing strategy.

You can maximise your earnings by selling ads during the broadcast, or use the online event as a platform to promote your existing sponsors (who will love it!). If your event had a big enough following you could even consider charging a fee to access the stream, making the stream a Pay Per View event (think Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather) quickly converting its success into revenue.

Someone who clearly recognises the advantages of a successful event is the Welsh Government.

They know that live events carry a host of benefits for the local and the national economy, and impact positively on various aspects of Welsh life, both socially and culturally.

That is why in 2010 a ‘Major Events Strategy’ paper, (link here) was published, and outlines the country’s vision for the events industry during the ensuing decade.

Criteria an event must meet in order to receive support is detailed, and which events are likely to be beneficial to Wales’ economy in the long term, in terms of sustainable growth and jobs creation.

Certain aspects of the support framework make it especially attractive to small and medium size events (“Growth Events”), giving the opportunity to join a strong, active events network and develop under the guidance and patronage of the Major Events Unit (MEU).

Growth Events, that can qualify for financial support and mentoring, are defined in the official document as follows:

“…smaller events, often new, with a footprint and focus that is regional, local or sector led and which demonstrate the ambition and potential to evolve and grow to become Major or Signature Events for Wales. These events can also act as milestones in growing the capacity, experience and credibility of destination Wales, acting as a necessary precursor to the hosting of targeted major events. These will be considered for support. An important dimension of this ‘added value investment’ is in creating and nurturing home grown events, thereby supporting efforts to build a strong and sustainable events industry in Wales…”

So, should your events company feel that your next gig ticks the boxes listed above, and could qualify for Welsh Government funding, why not explore the option by clicking through to the Guidance section of the Major Events Unit page on the Welsh Government website? Just fill up the questionnaire on the page to assess your suitability.

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Wherever your event is taking place get in touch with us. We will deliver a great online broadcast experience. 🙂

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