Which music for my corporate film?

How do you know which music to choose for your film?

If you have the opportunity, turn on a music TV channel and watch a video with the sound turned off. Try and guess what the video clip is about or represents. It is an interesting exercise. The speed of cuts, choice of colours, the camera movements, graphics, special effects, clothes, dancing and so much more. This is a quick way to drive home the importance of how music can help drive a story or influence on-screen emotion.

Find some films or drama clips on-line that have the music bed/soundtrack removed. You will immediately feel a hole, something is missing or that the film is somehow different. There is a very interesting thread on Reddit that showcases new composers who have re-scored popular film clips. Be careful, you might get engrossed and lose a few hours.

When it comes to corporate films, information clips, on-line training, info-graphic animations and even live events music is still just as important. Perhaps even more so as the trend is for short clips more often, meaning very little time to develop narrative or emotion. There are lots of tools and a whole industry around creating music for corporate films.

Tantrwm uses many resources to help you tell your story. We pay subscriptions to music libraries and then we help you can choose a music bed that is suitable for your film. This means that your film has a brilliant sound-track and high production value.

While researching this article we stumbled upon a brilliant site that gives you the history of music. From it’s origins to today’s contemporary hits. There are playlists, links videos and more. Maybe I will write a full article about MusicMap – it is that good!

July 2nd 2019

‘When you work with the team at Tantrwm you will soon discover that not only do they know what they are doing, but they go the extra mile. They are connected and will help you and your project to the very end and beyond. If you want a team for life and not just one project then call Tantrwm.”

Mark Holmes
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