Have a social Christmas

36,000 video views in 24 hrs. Putting our small town on the map!


Tantrwm is a small business in a small town in the South Wales valleys. We are passionate about the area we live in and do all that we can to make it a thriving, positive place to be. We decided to help with the towns Christmas social media.

A bustling and exciting town centre is important to any local community. For the past couple of years, we have created a Christmas video featuring the town centre traders showing off their musical skills.

The formula is simple, we get them to sing-a-long with a well known Christmas ditty and then edit the results into a fun-packed feel-good video. This year we widened the scope to include the whole of the Cynon Valley, racking up well over thirty businesses along the way.

This is more than just a bit of fun. These videos have helped to raise the profile of the small businesses that took part and of the town centres as a whole. How? Well, the 2015 video has racked up over 50,000 views and the 2016 video generated 36,000 views within 24 hours of it’s release. We are delighted that these films have ‘gone viral’ and given these businesses a boost.

Where did we get the idea? We did the same for Deutche Bank about three years ago and it was shared world wide. So we thought, ‘Why not do it at home?’.

If you need to lever the power of social media then call and chat with Stephen, Dawn or Andrew and find out how we can create multiple videos that enable you to exploit and maximise your social media presence.

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