Tantrwm iOgrapher give away

At the Libraries, Archives and Museums Marketing Awards in Aberystwyth, Tantrwm sponsored the event by way of an iOgrapher giveaway.

The Tantrwm iOgrapher giveaway consisted of a case for an ipad or ipad mini to be inserted into, a microphone, LED light, lens and hard case that all items can be stored in.

Libraries, archives and museums across Wales have their budgets slashed over the past 5-6 years, therefore they need to promote themselves as much as possible so that everybody can utilise the valuable services they offer.

From working with Welsh Libraries as often as we do, we witness library staff having loads of great ideas that they want to get across to their community, whilst sometimes lacking the means to do so. Therefore the iOgrapher is a perfect tool to publicise extremely important messages about library services.

Tantrwm owner, Andrew Chainey said “If you have a great idea and an important interesting message to put out, you just need the confidence to make a start. The fantastic kit we gave away can even bolt onto your phone or tablet and it gives you a professional sound and pictures. It really can leave you with great results.”

The lucky winner of the iOgrapher was Merthyr Tydfil Libraries (@merthyrlibrary) who have a Murder Mystery event coming up soon and “…can’t wait to test run the new kit on that.” We can’t wait to see what they create too!

We don’t only supply these great kits, we also offer training on how to use them. Contact us to find out more on how these nifty bits of kit can help your staff promote what your organisation has to offer. Call 01685 876700, pop in for a cuppa or send us a little message – info@tantrwm.com.

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