Tantrwm’s 2016

What an amazing 2016! What will 2017 hold?

It has been an amazing year. No matter how you plan things, no matter what you imagine, sometimes things just happen and make you think – wow!

2016 was one of those years. Click the film above, it’s less than a minute long and shows some of the amazing clients that we have worked with in the last year.

Most of all though we want to let you know that Tantrwm are still here, want to work with you in 2017 and can help when you need to communicate a professional and strong message.

We hope that you are inspired by the clip and that it triggers ideas that we can work with you on. We want to create the best, with the best, while raising a smile, having fun, and delivering awesome products.

Tantrwm have been around for for 17 years. We thank you for being part of our growth, part of our family. Many of you have become friends. We know that many of our more recent customers will become new friends.

If you have ideas, projects or technical queries about film and how to promote them, then call Andrew.

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