Prepping for Live Streaming Video at IATEFL 2016

Spring is in the air.

The sun is returning, the flowers are starting to bloom and at Tantrwm we are ‘all hands on deck’ getting ready for the live stream production that is the British Council IATEFL conference. Each and every year that Tantrwm have worked on the conference we take things up a gear in terms of kit and quality. The event video team will broadcast three simultaneous live video streams, all of them in full HD.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Our live stream experts will make the most of our Black Magic HD studio system to create a temporary TV studio in the Birmingham ICC. This studio will be kitted out with a robotic dolly, full lighting rig, and four remote HD cameras with pan/tilt action. This allows Tantrwm to livestream a broadcast quality studio programme with a crew of just two people.

On top of this we’ll have HD crews roaming around the conference live streaming plenary sessions, and talks from across the venue. These crews are self-contained teams who have all of the kit to capture and stream great content from just about anywhere they are sent.

Tantrwm love the live streaming gigs we do and have thoroughly road tested all of the equipment we use to do it. So if you are looking to invest in your own kit, get in touch, as we are also official re-sellers.

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