Not so social with your media? Fear not…

At Tantrwm, we understand the importance of utilising social media as a way of communicating with our customers and keeping our online followers updated, cheaply and effectively.

We offer online marketing solutions for many different businesses. If you’re used to the old school methods of marketing and are flummoxed by social media terminology, we explain things very clearly. Ultimately, we will take your brief of where you need your organisation to be and by using your website, Facebook, Twitter etc, we will give you the best online exposure possible.

Getting your business at the top of the page within search engines is a great way of increasing traffic to your website and social media channels.

We work with you to find your unique selling points, making sure these are reflected in all the social media content we write and publish and even social media video. This effectively boosts views and publicity. We too are a small business and know how the time monkeys press fast forward some days! Therefore, we totally understand that you are often, necessarily, too caught up with your work and don’t have any spare time to take care of your online marketing.

Each social media marketing solution we provide is tailored to suit your organisation, as we know every business has different requirements. Not sure what to ask, or where to start? Just call 01685 876700 or complete the form and we’ll be in touch. Or if you love good coffee and chocolate biscuits then pop in to see us!

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