Multi-Camera Shoots: Capturing expertise, making it available online

Capturing expertise, making it available online


Live seminars are an amazing way to develop the skills of your staff, but it is very difficult for delegates to adsorb everything.  There are few opportunities to revisit the lectures and/or discussions from such events. LANTRA hosted a series of events across Wales and needed a method to allow delegates the opportunity to revise what they had learned and understood. Together with Tantrwm it was agreed a multi-camera video shoot was the solution.

Tantrwm covered fifteen lectures, capturing some 400 minutes of video footage and subsequently made it all available online, where it can be now watched by anyone they chose. This valuable content now forms part of a CPD programme for the Food and Drink Industry skills that LANTRA have formed in conjunction with People 1st Cymru.

Tantrwm has the latest full HD technology and in-house expertise to capture and deliver any event live or post-shoot, as well as the ability to work to any deadline. We can facilitate and encompass multi-camera shoots, live vision mixing and streaming video to your chosen audience.

Interesting fact: one seminars we visited was about matching the right wine with the right food. So here are our own tips on how to match wine with spicy food!

  • Avoid high alcohol wines
  • For white wines go for fruity, medium dry
  • For red wine try something light like a Beaujolais
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