Live-streaming, helping children with Welsh Rugby’s finest.

Helping children with Welsh Rugby’s finest.

Jamie Roberts and Adam Jones are dab hands on a rugby field,  however, they are not so hot in the kitchen! Despite this, they both took part in the Maldron Hotels charity fund-raiser, Celebrity Chef’s night. Tantrwm  live-streamed their antics to show the diners just how challenging these great sports stars found life in the kitchen.

The comedy chaos of the kitchen was streamed live to the dining room so the punters could watch their meals being prepared. These events are great fun but they have a more serious side too. In this case, they raised money for children’s charity Ty Hafan.

Tantrwm’s live-streaming service is perfect for charity events like this, as it enables the fund-raiser to reach a worldwide audience!  When combined with our e-commerce solution it allows donations to flood in from anywhere in the world. We can implement the same model for your event, and allow it to look and feel like huge events such as Comic Relief, mixing live broadcasts with pre-recorded appeals. This means more money can be raised during your live event which allows more fund-raising opportunities and leads to more good work being done.

We also created post event films which captured all of the excitement and flair of the events that are now used by Maldron Hotel and Ty Hafan to boost PR.

Tantrwm are all about helping make the world a better place, so we like nothing more than working with organisations that want to do the same.

Our Live-streaming Service:

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We can broadcast your event online at the highest quality. Full HD, no need to compromise. Our streaming service is fully scalable. We can cover any event from a single person at a lectern to conference spanning multiple venues needing simultaneous streams. Single camera. Multi-camera. Multi-studio. Pay per view or donate to a cause – we can help you generate income.

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