Photoshoot on a roof!

Does your project need a reliable, flexible production team that can work within short time frames?

The Audience Development team for Welsh Museums needed to do a photoshoot with the Welsh Government Deputy Minister for Sport and Culture to publicise the Museums @ Night festival. The catch? Well the minister, Ken Skates had a busy schedule and could only spare 20mins for the shoot. On a rooftop.

So time was of the essence. And when time is scarce, preparation is key.

Our photographer, Darren arranged a site visit to make sure everything was set for the day, and we got the shots we needed.
Tantrwm have been working with the Audience Development team for Welsh Museums for the last few years and it is always a pleasure. And fair play to Darren for making it all the way up those stairs, as he had ran his first marathon the day before.

If you need help with producing media work with a tight deadline, get in touch, quick!! We’re on it!!

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