RCT Safeguarding Training Films


Keeping children and vulnerable adults safe from exploitation isn’t just the responsibility of professionals working in social services. We all have a duty to help keep the most vulnerable in society safe from harm. Noticing the signs of exploitation can be a challenge, particularly for staff who work with the public. This is because they may not know the individual personally and have to make on the spot judgement calls. Its for this reason that safeguarding training is so important. One wrong decision could have a devastating impact on peoples lives.

In order to help, the Safeguarding team at Rhondda Cynon Taff worked closely with Tantrwm. We developed training resources that better prepared people to identify certain signs. As a result, the staff and workers could identify possible signs of abuse more accurately.
The suite of short films took the form of mini-dramas. They are screened in training sessions and are designed to stimulate discussion and debate among the group.


Key to the success of the films was the fact that they are very naturalistic and believable.  This was at the forefront throughout the film making process, from scripting to casting, direction to editing. We placed actors in different scenarios and we tried to let the audience see only what the member of staff in the film saw. The trainees could then discuss what they thought was happening and how best to deal with it.
Tantrwm worked on these films with the Safeguarding team for over 15 years. Adding new videos and updating old ones kept the films up to date with legislation and technology. It is a big vote of confidence in our skills that they have kept coming back to us. We are very proud to have been able to help keep children and vulnerable adults safe from harm.

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