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Skills not frills

2022 will see major changes to the curriculum taught in Welsh schools. The change will focus on creativity,  preparing pupils for a future where large scale automation will make many jobs obsolete.

However, many teachers, especially in primary schools are not confident of their ability to introduce expressive arts into the classroom.

A2 Connect

Enter A2 Connect , a participatory arts organisation who is working with Arts Council Wales to help schools make the transition. Tantrwm have partnered with A2 many times in the past in making educational and inspiring films. It was only natural that they would turn to us to develop this set of video training resources. These resources would give teachers practical techniques and tools that they could use to bring creativity into their classroom.

We made 30 films in total, with accompanying PDF’s to back them up. The videos were split into five modules; Drama-Dance, Visual Art, Music and Media. Creating the films bilingually meant they could be available in both English and Welsh versions.

One of the goals of the project was not just to provide practical tips, but also inspiration. Instead of making all the films in a studio, we filmed everything in real-life classrooms. Using real teachers and full classes was certainly a challenge, but it was important. Doing this showed viewers that these activities were really practical to use in the classroom. Seeing the excitement and engagement of the pupils in the classes was just an added bonus.


A2 were over the moon with the resources we created for them and so were we.

Helping to train teachers who in turn would teach children how to think creatively is rewarding beyond measure. All children have the right to music and art as part of their school experience and Tantrwm are proud to be doing our bit to help.

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