Recording Podcast Tips

Hints and Tips on Recording Podcasts

Podcasts have increased in popularity over the past few years and many people are now recording podcasts from home.

What many people don’t realise though is, that there is a lot more to recording your own podcast than just talking and recording.

Here are a few handy tips to help raise the quality of your podcast and keep you ahead of the game.


Preparing to record


While most of your favourite podcasters make it look easy, chances are it’s because they’ve prepared their content.

If you’re using video, take time to set up the shot before recording. Make sure you or anyone else involved is framed properly (no cutting off the tops of heads or bottoms of faces). Also make sure the background is interesting. Don’t have anything too cluttered and don’t show so much of it that it dominates the screen, taking the focus away from the subject.

Plan out in advance what you’re going to talk about.

Even if you know the subject back to front it’s worth making a list of bullet points of what you want to speak about in the order you wish to cover them. Same goes if you’re conducting an interview. Although when you’re conducting an interview it’s good to go with the flow, write down a list of the questions you really need to ask. This way nothing gets missed out if you get carried away or get distracted because the podcast has gone in an interesting and unexpected direction.

Equipment for sound and video


Whilst most modern phones have cameras that will give you decent video, the same can’t be said of the microphones.

Purchasing a directional mic that can be used in conjunction with your phone will make a huge difference. Making sure your audio is clear will keep people engaged with your content as they don’t have to struggle to hear what you’re saying.

Use a tripod to attach your phone to. This way the framing a shot is far easier and the shot will stay fixed. It’s also easier to keep consistency in your shot episode after episode.

Lastly, use a light. Poor lighting can make it difficult for your audience to see you and just makes your podcast more professional.

All of these items are readily available and reasonably priced. Just do an online search. If you’re going to buy online, don’t forget to check out the reviews first.


Lastly, and this may seem an obvious one, make sure you’re in an environment where you won’t be disturbed. Recording a podcast could mean a number of takes and theres nothing worse than nailing a take only for it to be interrupted before the end.

Make sure its quiet and that there are not too many flat surfaces for the sound to bounce off. Somewhere where there are lots of soft furnishings is perfect. As a general rule kitchens and bathrooms are a no no but living rooms and bedrooms should be fine. If the only location available is full of hard, flat surfaces, try to deaden the sound by hanging curtains/blankets behind you (would also work as a backdrop). You can also put something soft behind the microphone you are using to absorb the sound.

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