Red Alert Day

The UK’s live events and entertainment sector is in critical condition. Our live events industry is on the brink of collapse and urgently needs support to survive the Covid-19 crisis. It was the first to shut down in March and will be the last to reopen. 

The immediate cancellation of the busy Summer season alone affected 600,000+ outdoor events jobs. By the end of the year 70% of industry businesses will have made redundancies. Looking ahead, live events may not be able to return until March 2021. This leaves a gaping chasm of no work between the end of furlough and then.

What is proposed is impractical and unsustainable.

Without help, the UK events industry is at risk of losing it all to European and US businesses that have been bailed out by their governments. We were incredibly proud to take part in yesterdays red alert protests in Cardiff. The sense of solidarity and passion from everyone was palpable.

Our 15m2 LED screen was pride of place at Cardiff Castle main gates. Informing passersby, providing a focal point for the protest and getting photographed by hundreds who then shared on social media. Getting the message out to as wide an audience as possible.

We also filmed interviews with industry professionals telling emotional stories. Talking about the difficulties they’ve experienced since lockdown and what help is needed for them to carry on. These interviews are being used to help lobby government and bring the industries plight front and centre in the public eye. Theres not one of us who hasn’t enjoyed gigs, festivals, films, comedians or live theatre. All these need a whole host of self employed/employed, skilled people working tirelessly in the background in order to make these things happen.

These people need your help NOW.

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