Drone Videography

Drone Videography

We were building and flying drones long before they became the easily accessible tool they are today.

If you visit our offices we can show you many crashed, soldered, tested, hand built and pretty awesome contraptions.

All built by our own fair hands.

Our favourite was the microkopter – octocopter.

We were flying along a disused motorway with a sony camera as the payload and one prop came off. Immediately after that, one of the other engines stopped working. This was back in the day that when drones had no automatic pilot to help return to base. With incredible concentration and dexterity we were still able to land the drone safely without camera or people damage!

8 engines better than 4!


Creative Films

Since then #Drone videography has become more accessible than ever. 

It has become one of the many more widely used techniques adopted by filmmakers today.

Drones can produce high quality images and offer a perspective of the action that land based cameras can’t.

Used wisely, drone videography can help keep your audience engaged. Interesting and exciting shots will hold their attention while you relay your message. 

They also provide footage that can be repurposed time and again for marketing or social media content.


Building Surveys

Drones can also be used to survey buildings. Saving on the trouble and expense of manpower and scaffolding. They can also avoid any major inconveniences or health and safety risks saving time and money.

The results can then be sent instantly  via our bespoke survey form complete with pictures.

Whether it’s a live event, promotional video or monitoring wear and tear on buildings, we can help.

We have the knowledge, technical expertise and kit

If you’re interested in using drones or just want to find out more about them, give Chris or Andrew a call. 

Get in touch on 01685 876700 or pop over to www.tantrwm.co.uk and drop us a message. 

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