Are you Aware of the Hidden Dangers in your Bathroom Cabinet?

Are you Aware of the Hidden Dangers in your Bathroom Cabinet?

We’re unbelievably proud to have partnered with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) on this campaign .

To know that something you’ve created can help save lives is incredibly humbling.

When we started this project we had no idea just how dangerous emollient skin creams could be.

Turned out it wasn’t just us.

Many people don’t realise that emollient residues rub off skin onto fabrics and can dry in, making the fabrics highly flammable .

Statistically, older people with mobility issues are most vulnerable to fires. It’s these people who are most likely to be prescribed cream for skin complaints.

If you use skin creams or care for someone who uses them, avoid naked flames like candles or smoking unsupervised (especially in bed).

Creating this film however didn't come without its challenges.

Due to lockdown we very nearly didn’t get the film made.

Initially we had rented a studio in London and enlisted a set designer to build the set for us to film.
We also decided to use a crew from London (one we had used many times before) under our direction.
Everything was booked and ready to take place. Unfortunately 4 days before the shoot, the whole crew self isolated due to the covid situation in London.

This meant the all important deadline would not be met due to the impending lockdown.

We kicked into overdrive.

With lockdown looming we hired a shipping container and spent the weekend building a mock up of a bedroom in it.
We kitted it out with lights and spent the next two days testing and eventually shooting. We were actually shooting on the day lockdown was announced in Wales.

I guess you could say it was a case of having to think outside the box, only to be put back in a box.

Pulling out all the stops meant we delivered on time and the film was front and centre of this extremely important and worthwhile campaign.


Take care when using creams to treat dry skin conditions. They can easily be absorbed into clothing, bedding and bandages making them more flammable.


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