Saving Our Eco-Village

Many of us may dream of living off the land in close-knit communities but there are young families who are actually doing it.

Solar and wind power technology. Polytunnels providing food all the year round and modern communications making local networks effective, self-sufficiency appears more viable than ever.


This week saw a documentary on this very subject by Tantrwm team member, Justyn Jones, airing on primetime TV.

The half hour documentary is part of the series ‘Our Lives’. It focussed on 17 residents of an eco-community at the foothills of the Preseli mountains at Brithdir Mawr near Newport in Pembrokeshire.

Following their story, the film shows how they fight to save their self-sufficient lifestyle under the threat of the lease on their land expiring soon.

Our talented artistic director, Stephen Hanks helped out. Providing technical expertise and videography that complimented Justyns masterful story telling and sage direction.

Justyn and Stephen have worked together many times over the years. Pairing many times to create numerous thought provoking, powerful and emotive films that inform, educate and entertain.



Here are just a few :

Snowdonia Shepherdess

The story of 26-year-old Teleri Fielden who is given an opportunity to fulfil her dream of becoming an upland hill farmer. Teleri won a scholarship to run a beautiful National Trust farm for a year. The farm covered more than 600 acres of mountainside stocked with sheep and cattle.

Physically small but big in heart and optimism, Teleri is determined to break into the male-dominated farming industry. But will she be able to cope? It’s lambing season on one of the toughest farms in Snowdonia during one of the bleakest springs in living memory.

This is a heart warming story of one womans personal journey following her dream.

Border of Life and Death

A Border of Life and Death follows 62-year-old Annie Mulholland’s campaign for fairer cancer care in Wales. Annie had terminal ovarian cancer and left her home in Cardiff to cross the border to England to get the drug she needed. She received treatment at the Royal Marsden in London which prolonged her life.

Although Annie lived longer than anyone expected, she wanted equal access to drugs for all cancer patients in Wales. As she underwent her last line of chemotherapy she organised a Patient Voices Day at Cardiff Bay for cancer sufferers to have their say.

A panel of party representatives, NHS staff and many charities were invited to the event as well as the Health Minister, Mark Drakeford.

If you’ve got a story to tell and need help telling it, get in touch on 01685 876700

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