Amazing Clients, Incredible Projects

Amazing Clients, Incredible Projects

Over the last 20 years we have been fortunate enough to work with lots of amazing clients on incredible projects. Most of these we have had longstanding relationships with over many years. Here are some of the office’s picks for the favourite projects they’ve worked on over the years.


National Museum of Wales – Saving treasures; telling stories

Stephens choice combines his passion for history and strong imagery. “I really enjoyed the Saving treasures;telling stories project. Getting close to artifacts and exploring the locations they were found.

The main focus of this film was the Bronnington Horde and it was fascinating. Documenting the processes and talking to the people involved. A unique insight indeed into how museums work. Also, getting unhindered access in order to film these artifacts was an incredible opportunity”

British Council – IATEFL Conferences

Chaineys choice combines his love of tech with the urgency of live events. “We have developed a strong relationship with the British Council global products team. Over the past few years, this has seen us create a number of films and animations. However, live streaming the IATEFL conferences are by far my favourite projects.

Live streaming is exciting. There are always unforeseen challenges that need to be dealt with. Developing approaches on fly is exhilarating and when the pay off is a steady unbroken stream against all odds. That there is satisfaction.”

Great Western Railway – For The Love of Rail

Toms choice is a project he holds very close to his heart. “I really enjoyed the traveling involved on this project. Getting to film at stations up and down the GWR network alongside meeting the staff. Coordinating shoots in order to film at 3 locations in one day sometimes wasn’t easy. It involved having to come up with creative solutions. Overcoming the organisational challenges faced and keeping on time and on track just like GWR themselves.”

Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama – 24 Pianos

Chris’ choice was one he was bouncing with excitement about from the word go. “When I found out there was a chance we’d be able to film 24 Steinway pianos, I nearly wet myself. I had already imagined how awesome the sound would be.

However, this hadn’t prepared me for just how impressive it would actually be. The set up of these incredible instruments in such an amazing venue filled me with anticipation. When the performance begun, I could’ve melted. Easily one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life.”

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