We hope you enjoyed January’s Tantrwm Newsletter and that 2017, so far, is AMAZING!

If you’ve been pondering about using video for a particular project,  are stuck for ideas on how to communicate messages, in an AGM, staff handbook or training programme etc, then our creative team can work their magic, collaborate with you and find the perfect solution.

If you are thinking about videoing an event, using mixed screen technology, or broadcasting the action to a global audience live, then our ultra HD robotic cameras allow us to do this without being invasive or distracting.

We genuinely feel privileged to work with the quality clients we have come to know. We want you to become one of those clients get the quality filming experience from the team at Tantrwm!


66 Gadlys Road
CF44 8AD

01685 876700

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The short film above showcases various events where Tantrwm enabled our clients to widen the reach of their audiences. As usual we work with a smile and remain professional to ensure our clients receive the very best service.

Many thanks

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