Video case studies of dynamic jobs in the food and drink industry

Research revealed that the public perception of jobs in the food and drink industry didn’t tally with reality.  People didn’t see them as attractive long term careers with opportunities to challenge themselves. Careers Wales commissioned Tantrwm to produce a series of video case studies promoting such jobs, portraying the industry as vibrant and rewarding and more importantly a viable option for a long term career.

The films were split into the four groups based on the Skills Sectors Councils within the Food and Drink industry. Tantrwm travelled the length and breadth of Wales creating 18 films, each one featuring a different job.  From a fish farmer working on the tip of Anglesey to the head chef of Wales’ largest 5* hotel, we covered a wide scope of careers.

We met a dairy farmer who frequently visited New Zealand on fact finding missions to help produce higher yields, a country pub manager who had travelled the planet through the hospitality industry and the world’s first female master whiskey distiller.  They came from all levels of the industry, from students on placements to business owners.

The series was in a mixture of English and Welsh, depending on the language the subject was most comfortable being interviewed in.  All films were subtitled bilingually, producing 36 films in total.

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