Building a strong brand

Empower Bodybuilding is a great organisation with plenty going for them.

Real expertise, a great team and a clear vision for where they want to go. At the time of contact with Tantrwm they had a desire to build their brand so that more people knew who they were. Together the teams of Tantrwm and Empower began to build the on-line presence, by creating a comprehensive website that is easily up datable. This allows them to add quality content at any time giving the latest and freshest expertise to the world. Tantrwm provided the training and on-going technical support to Empower staff, which leads to the content on their site being posted whenever they need to. Now they have a library of great content they are able to introduce a paid subscription service to their website, helping generate further revenue.

Tantrwm ensure that the look and branding of the site match their target market with a professional and contemporary feel. The next step sees them expand their on-line offer to include live streaming of the Welsh Body-building Federation Championship.  Tantrwm will use their full HD live streaming studio, so Empower can offer sports fans across the world HD quality coverage of their event.

This project in numbers:

  • One stylish, professional website
  • An on-line library of 100’s of training resources, updated constantly
  • The Building Blocks
  • A strong, consistent visual identity across web, print and video.
  • Training for the client so that they can update the site themselves.
  • Increasing their audience by streaming live events on-line.
  • Implementing a paid subscription service to generate income.

Interesting Fact:

Mike Gelsei, who runs Empower Bodybuilding is a former champion body-builder himself. He would not have been out of place next to Arnold Schwarzenegger in the classic film Pumping Iron.

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