What’s so important about Editing?

Many people forget that the shoot for your video production is only half the job. The film really begins to come alive in the editing room.

Editing decides the pace, tone and overall look of your film. A well written brief will always give us the necessary tools to your corporate video exactly to your specifications. It’s commonplace to take over and hour of footage and boil it down to a film of less that 3 minutes. The best parts of the videos or interviews need to be married with suitable images.

Deciding on music is primarily a matter of taste, however can massively help with the overall tone of your video. At Tantrwm, we provide a rough draft in order for you to see what we’ve created.

Your feedback is essential at this point!

It is paramount that we convey your vision within the finalised film. Therefore, your input is always appreciated. We then show you a revised draft for you to sign-off. Including two rounds of feedback means that you can keep a finger on the pulse of the cost of filming.

This is considered standard procedure at Tantrwm, and one of the many ways we strive to go that extra mile with every video production we embark on.

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