What to expect on a shoot?

After successfully planning your shoot out carefully and getting all your ideas together coherently, it’s time to shoot the film.

There are many things people don’t consider while on the set of a film production. Careful planning will eliminate a lot of time wasting but it is important that you give enough time for certain tasks to be accomplished.

The lighting and set-up of camera(s) take time, but make all the difference. Good lighting and well thought out camera angles are what turns a normal film into a professional one. A professional, well made video will portray your organisation’s image, and message so much more clearly, with a coherent view of your ideas.

When it comes to interviews, it’s important that sound mixing is allotted a certain amount of time, the words an actor or interviewee says are the most important things in communicating your message to your audience.

We are good at putting interviewees at ease and always provide excellent sound bites and clips of them talking passionately about their subject.

Shoots are always painless, and easy if pre-planning is done correctly, so make sure everything is thoroughly checked before a shoot in order to make your time shooting the corporate or social media video as efficient and creative as possible.

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