Working With the Infrastructure Sector

Infrastructure forms the economic backbone of the UK. It is the fabric that defines us as a modern industrialised nation”.

Infrastructure refers to the basic systems and services that a country or organisation needs in order to function properly. Throughout the past 20 years we have developed strong bonds with a number of organisations within this sector. This has given us unique insight into the many challenges the sector faces and developing effective solutions.These are just a few of the projects we have worked on within this sector.

Walters Construction

It’s always extremely satisfying to collaborate with a local team who really care about their work. Walters is one of the largest independently owned civil engineering companies in the UK. Their health and safety team developed a set of key safe behaviors in to keep their workforce safe on site. They needed a concise and easy way to get these messages across and they chose Tantrwm to do so.

We filmed at sites across Britain. Engaging with the Walters workforce from sites to offices and filming at some stunning locations.

We had to make the key safe behaviors relatable. We had the many different staff from sites and offices around the UK to deliver the key safe behaviours. This drove home the message that safety on site is for everyone. The film was well received and has been nominated as Build Construction and Engineering Awards 2020 best safety film. Watch this space.



Leidos is a Fortune 500® company specializing in technology, engineering, and science solutions. They provide innovative technologies and world class services to government, transportation, energy, health and defense sectors.

In 2019 they approached us to help tell the story of an innovative new supply chain platform they had developed. This takes the best from online retail and combined it with 50 years experience of working with the military.

The result was a film that was unmistakably theirs. We boiled down the complex and intricate nature of the platform into a digestible and easily understandable format. This enabled the audience to easily see the benefits it could bring.


Planetarium Wales

One of the biggest and most visionary projects to come to the South Wales valleys is Planetarium Wales.  Tantrwm have been a key part of this project from the outset. The Planetarium will seat 350 people and will also consist of world class research facilities alongside fully immersive virtual reality.

In order to gain support from government and funders we created a suite of films.  We filmed interviews with key figures as well as local politicians and teachers saying why the planetarium is a good idea.  Tim Smit (Head of the Eden Project) and Al Worden (Apollo astronaut) and Lyn Evans (CERN) were just a few of the contributors.

To compliment these films we also created 3d walkthrough animations of the structure, a website and a short cinematic film.


Find out how Tantrwm can help you by getting in touch at or giving Andrew or Chris a ring on 01685 876700.

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