Drive In Cinemas and Socially Distanced Events

Communal viewing in a social distanced, safe way.

In a new landscape of social-distancing, where safety is paramount, one of cinema’s oldest incarnations: the drive in is making a comeback. Outdoor screenings, especially ones where the audience can stay in their vehicle are safe, fun and popular. And it doesn’t stop at cinema, big screens can enable open air quizzes, bingo and other events that people are missing.

Big outdoor screens allow the events we all miss to happen in a way that is safe.

We have repurposed our 15m2 outdoor LED event video screen and trailer.

We have created a mobile, daylight viewable outdoor cinema for safe social distancing drive-in and other entertainment experiences. The drive-in can screen films but also has the facility for live quizzes, bingo, stand up comedy and even concerts.  Here, each car can enjoy and participate in a safe contained environment. We have also added a touch of showbiz that includes red carpets, ushers, themed events and refreshments such as popcorn, soft drinks, coffees, etc.Our service provides an opportunity for community stakeholders to have a communication channel to convey important messages to their target audiences. We provide a safe, community-focused, family-friendly service that eases pressure on parents, families and the socially isolated. It helps reduce anxiety by giving parents an avenue for whole family entertainment.


We offer more than just a big screen.

Our complementary services will help make your event truly memorable.


If you are using our cinema screen for a live event, we offer a fully remote controlled live filming and editing service. Meaning you can have big production values for your big screen content.

Live Streaming:

You can widen the reach of your event by screening it live online as well as at the venue. We have a skilled team of technical wizards who can bring the action to your audience wherever they are.

Food and drink:

No outdoor event is complete without something to eat and something to drink. We have years of experience working on live events and can help you find the catering you need to make your event memorable from wagons of cider to world class street food, we can help.


People are no longer visiting their usual places and seeing traditional advertising.  With speedy set up times and minimal footprint, our screen can be deployed in any suitable location (e.g in a car park or field) quickly and effectively.

Give us a call on 01685 876700 and find out more.

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