Apps designs tailored to your organisation

Tantrwm design apps tailored to your organisation's needs and objectives.

We create apps, web sites, undertake production, live streaming, social media, training videos and print & design. We’ve also been designing applications for various companies.

People 1st came to us wanting innovative and exciting apps (applications) that gave hospitality business staff a new perspective on their jobs. We then designed one that places staff in the role of an hotel inspector tasked with visiting different businesses and identifying ways of reducing waste.

This fantastic organisation has extensive knowledge of the tourism sector and were able to identify a need to improve the level of service offered by Taxi drivers. They recognised the need and wanted to  help drivers with knowledge and enable them to obtain new standards and a qualification.

That’s where Tantrwm comes in. We helped make a solution that was easy to use and featured loads of different videos that were easy to understand and digest the information.

These applications were available in Welsh and English and were developed for iOS and Android, making sure that these apps were available to as many people as possible.

However, as technology moves on and reporting, flexibility and ease of use of standard and mobile web has developed, we find ourselves advising clients more and more to really think hard as to wether or not they really require ‘apps’. Look at your phone as count how many you actually use and engage with regularly.

When you design applications you have to consider the on going costs as well. You will need to pay Google Play and Apple annually as well as possible costs involved in maintaining your app as new versions of the Android and iOS get deployed. Our advice is go for a mobile friendly web based solution first. If that works and you still feel the absolute for an app, Then raise the money and give us a call. It ain’t gonna be cheap!

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