Important animated video for Barnardo’s

Tantrwm get the chance to work with many different organisations in a wide variety of projects.

Every now and then, one comes along which is really special and rewarding. An example of this was ‘Amy’s Story’ the project we created with Barnardo’s in 2015.

This film was created to play a role in facilitating important conversations between young people, who are being taken into care, and specialist counsellors.

The story follows a young girl who is experiencing a number of problems within her family and school life. At key moments in the story the film pauses and gives the young person the opportunity to discuss what they have seen and suggest coping strategies that the characters might use.

Barnardo’s were delighted with the sensitive and imaginative way that we approached the subject matter. We used a simple style of animation that was inspired by the Persepolis graphic novel and created a soundscape that made it as immersive as possible.

This isn’t a project where we can boast about numbers of hits, or views… but it is a project that ranks amongst the most important that we have worked on. Let us know if you have a worthy cause that needs some assistance.

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