Don’t go chasing grants!

Don’t go chasing grants!

We are a small company based in the South Wales Valleys and our advice to anyone in this region is don’t go chasing grants. The area is ex-industrial and over the past 20 years has seen plenty of EU money come in to regenerate the area and stimulate the economy.

For a while we put a lot of time and effort into applying for grants. Some of which we got, but a lot of which we didn’t. We found that it is much better to spend time looking for work, rather than applying for grants which can be extremely time consuming.

If you can get your business to a point where it can survive without relying on grants then you are in a much more sustainable position. Over the years we have seen plenty of organisations, that depend entirely on grant funding, disappear overnight when the funding disappeared.

So there you go. Chase work, not grants.

If you would to know what work we can do for you, please get in touch.

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