Live Streaming Events And The Questions Your Supplier Needs To Ask

Live Streaming and the Questions That Need To Be Asked

The ultra-connected nature of the modern world opens up huge possibilities for businesses and organisations worldwide. The ability to connect with your audience means that regardless of location, people can be part of your event with just a click of a button.

In short, Live streaming video allows you to put your event, conference or lecture in reach of millions of people, instantly.

Small scale streaming can be relatively easily done from your phone or tablet but for larger projects like concerts, awards ceremonies, seminars, you may want to hire a professional team.


Questions that need to be asked

When you ask a company to live stream an event, keep a check list and see if they ask the following questions:

  • Will a powerpoint presentation feed be required within the live stream?
  • What aspect ratio is the powerpoint?
  • Will video be integrated in the powerpoint?
  • Are you using an AV team during the event to provide audio and powerpoint support?
  • Will they supply convertors for the projector signal?
  • How many presenters will be talking at any one time?
  • Are they be presenting from a lectern or will they be walking around or even seated?
  • Will there be a panel discussion?
  • Will there be an audience question and answer session?
  • Is there any copyrighted music or video being used during the event?
  • How big is the venue?
  • What time is access to the venue?
  • Is security on site?
  • How many camera angles do you require?
  • Would you like an audience camera angle ?
  • Is backlighting available for presenters?
  • What channel(s) will you live stream on?
  • Do you have unrestricted and wired internet access at the venue?
  • Do you require the live stream feed to be embedded in your webpage?
  • Would you like a live chat facility alongside the live stream?
  • Would you require a hard copy of the event on the day?
  • Do you require titles, on screen graphics during the live event?
  • Do you need live subtitle facilities during the event?
  • Would you like a highlights, edited version of the live stream?
  • Would you like to gather additional video (vox pops, atmosphere etc) at the event?
  • Do you require manually operated cameras or are robotic (unobtrusive) cameras suitable?
  • Will you need more than one live stream at the same time ?
  • Do you have a budget in mind?

Speak to the professionals

Tantrwm ask the above (and more). We have been undertaking live events since the advent of Live Streaming on the Internet and have the capacity for multiple streams at multiple locations.

Tantrwm have fully portable, full HD streaming studios that allow us to deliver high-quality, multiple camera livestreams for any event.

If you’ve got an upcoming event that you’re considering streaming live, give us a call. We are able to assist and advise on bespoke solutions that will help you to get in front of your audience, wherever they are. We can even set up your very own live TV studio.

Get in touch with Andrew or Chris on 01685 876700

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