Mobile app helping taxi drivers improve their service.

Helping taxi drivers improve their service, through education.

People 1st has extensive knowledge of the tourism sector and were able to identify a need to improve the level of service offered by Taxi drivers They recognised the need and wanted to  help drivers with knowledge and enable them to obtain  new standards and a qualification. Tantrwm developed a mobile app that distils all nine modules of the training course into ninety minutes of fun and engaging video content. Learners can study at their own pace and test their knowledge with interactive quizzes.

Our client had a very tight deadline to have a pilot module completed in order to secure the necessary funds to fully complete the project. Well, Tantrwm have never been known to shy away from a challenge. We not only completed the pilot on time, and at a quality that surpassed their expectations, we were also able to replicate the app experience through a website that made it easier to show to their funders.

The videos in the completed app cover disability awareness, road safety, customer service and more. The mobile app uses a broad range of styles including cartoons, presenter led videos, comic sketches and motion graphics to ensure the learner stays engaged throughout.

This was perfect for the drivers as they can make the learning fit with their busy schedules. Since many of them have not been in formal education for years, the mobile app also boosts their confidence. People 1st have been delighted with the results and has led to Tantrwm  working on further projects with them. The app is developed for iOS and Android.

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