What video best represents your organisation?

If you need a video to be made for your organisation then you need to know a creative company with oodles of experience!

Tantrwm have produced films within an array of industries and for different types of clients. However, the one thing that remains a priority is knowing what method of film is most effective to convey your organisations brief. Here’s a selection of video solutions we offer:

Live Streaming:

Having worked on numerous projects with many event organisers, we facilitate a global audience reach by Live Streaming video online. Whether it’s a free clickable link you’re offering, or if your audience need to register contact details before they can join in the event. You can even set up pay per view for your event video filming.

We focus on the unique features of the particular event so that the online audience see this also.

Promotional social media films

Getting your message across correctly is very important. You want to show your organisation in the best possible light while also getting people to understand your message. Tantrwm has always provided great interviews and great shots that make your promotional video engaging without losing the importance of your message.

Infographics/Information films

A great way to get information across to a wide audience. Film is a great way of engaging an audience and with over 15 years of film-making experience and video production know-how, Tantrwm can make an audience understand the messages an organisation needs to get across. We have made films for charities (Barnardo’s), housing associations (Cynon Taf Housing) and Universities (UCL) to make sure their information is displayed appealingly and coherently.

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