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Do you need your event to reach beyond borders? Is language proving too big a barrier for your message?

The solution to your problem is a bilingual (or multilingual) video Live Stream.

A good example of how Live Streaming in different languages can work for your live event is “Demographics is Dead”, a very thought-provoking, controversial (and suitably named) arts marketing masterclass.

The event was held in the amazing setting of the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff by the Arts Council of Wales, and it was delivered by a ‘celebrity’ in the field of arts marketing, Andrew McIntyre of MHM.

In order for our client to comply with the regulations of the Welsh Language Act 1993, we set up two concurring video streams, one delivering the lecture’s content in its live form, (English speaker, English-Welsh Audience), the other set up to mix the translated audio feed into the video edit, creating a ‘live translated’ video stream dubbing all the Welsh Language content straight into English as it happened.

The seminar itself was truly inspiring, and fully packed with pearls of marketing wisdom.

The content Andrew shared with both the people in the room and those following the bilingual live stream from home was the joyous culmination of years of dedication and research. The tools that he created and shared with the world were simple, intuitive and, according to the evidence shown, very effective in maximising an audience’s participation in events targeted to their cultural inclinations and preferences, rather than their age or social/geographical status.

These preferences, when expressed by means of a VERY simple on-line questionnaire, would arrange the audience into profiles or, as the speaker called them, ‘segments’, which would then be followed up with ‘segment-specific’ marketing strategies and maximise the results.

Why don’t you try to take the test by clicking on the link below, and let us know if works for you?

Try Culture Segments HERE!

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